Zodwa wabantu shot dead last night at a club in Durban kzn

News reahing us is that zodwa wabantu is dead , whether is she is dead or not you will find out soon. This is what was written on one of the fake news sites in south africa

Zodwa wabantu dies at a club in Durban kzn

The body shamed and self confidence Zodwa wa bantu has been declared dead after being shot.

The truth to this allegations still remains questionable as the source is unknown.

It’s been said that Zodwa of the people went to a club at KZN where she was booked for two hours to grace the people of KZN with her presence.

It’s known how expensive Zodwa’s presence is. She walked in there and lit up the almost dead club with her appearance and dance moves.

She was in her usual half naked dress come. Before arriving at the club there were less than 15 people at the club in question and 30 mins after her arrival it was packed.

When she was about to leave the club there were a group of young men fighting over some girl who is still unknown.

Shots were then fired and apparently Zodwa was accidentally hit

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