Who is the scandal actor arrested? is it mbulelo ndlazilwana really?

Ever since the news about the etv scandal actor arrested in springs many questions have been springing up these is just a few of them : who is the scandal actor arrested ? scandal actor arrested in  brothel ? scandal actor arrested for human trafficking ? etv scandal actor arrested ? which scandal actor got arrested ? and it seems all fingers are pointing to mbulelo ndlazilwana.

ETV knows

ETV has confirmed it is aware of an actor from its hit series Scandal has been arrested however they fail to name the specific actor but we have uncovered him. The etv actor was arrested in a brothel in springs . The culprits were 11 women and 6 men excluding the actor which makes them 17 in number .

A woman who is alleged to have escaped from the brothel rushed to a near by police station to report the incident. They were soon nabbed for human trafficking and arranged to appear in court soon .

Was mbulelo ndlazilwana involved ?

Its not clear if he is part of the traffickers or he went to the brothel in springs to ” enjoy” himself and was arrested together with the ” real criminals”. We are still following the story and will keep you updated

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