Wayne Westner wife age ,name ,biography, children and divorce

Wayne Westner wife is still in shock after what happened to her husband . We dive into Wayne Westner wife age ,biography and children and divorce

Wayne Westner wife biography

Wayne Westner wife name : Alison Jean Westner

Wayne Westner wife age : She is 43 years old

Wayne Westner wife children : The number of kids she has has not been disclose yet

Wayne Westner divorce wife

Wayne Westner recently separated , with wayne moving out of the house . The cause of the divorce has not been disclosed allegedly it could be infidelity

Alison Jean Westner – Wayne Westner wife and kids however continued to stay in the house

Wayne Westner death

The professional golfer committed suicide , sources says he found his way into the house which was occupied by his ex wife and his kids carrying a gun .

The wife seeing him with a gun called the police then hid herself in the bathromm with her kids , wayne westner demanded to see his wife but she refused to come out it was then that the former golfer shot himself in the head .

Sources says he intended to shoot his wife and himself

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Wayne Westner age , biography and wife

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Wayne Westner wife age ,name ,biography, children and divorce

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