Wayne Westner age , biography and wife

Wayne Westner a professional golfer who shot himself to death infront of his wife  we will dive into Wayne Westner wife ,age and biography

Wayne Westner biography and age

He is a professional golfer and was  was twice winner of the South African Open and also won twice on the European Tour.

fullname  : Wayne Brett Westner


Date of birth : 28 September 1961

Place of birth : Johannesburg, South Africa

When did Wayne Westner died : he died on  4 January 2017 (aged 55)
KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Cause of Wayne Westner  death  : Suicide , he shot himself in the head in front of his wife . He allegedly held his family hostage before shooting himself

Wayne Westner wife.

Wayne Westner wife is  Alison Jean Westner , little has been said about her . Alison Jean Westner wife is 43.

Wayne Westner wife is still in shock over the incident , Wayne Westner managed to find her way into the house after a recent divorce . He then held his family hostage  and shot himself.

It was reported that the police received an emergency call when the late wayne westner went to see her wife , the wife and kids seeing him with a handgun locked themselves in the bathroom . After wayne westner couldnt have access to his wife he shot himself


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