Wayne Westner dead : see cause of death

Wayne Wester a professional south african golfer has been reported dead , we bring you the cause of his death and more details about him

is Wayne Westner dead really dead?

Yes , we are all surprised but we are not in April to think this is April fool and i dont know anyone who can frame someones death for fun . Wayne Westner is actually dead

Wayne Westner biohgraphy – short !

Wayne Westner is a professional golfer who toured Europe at the height of his golfing career, he was the winner of Dubai  desert classic in 1993

Wayne was born on  28 September 1961 Johannesburg, South Africa . You can read the full biography here  Wayne Westner age , biography and wife

When did Wayne Westner  die

His time of death was recorded  on 4 January 2017 at KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa  , he was 55 years old.

Wayne Westner  cause of death

Wayne died by shooting himself . Before he shot himself to death he allegedly took his family hostage and shot himself in the head.

From Wayne Westner wife , the golfer shot himself in front of her, its uncertain what was going on in their marriage but we know for him to do such thing there must be something ugly going on between him and his wife

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Wayne Westner dead : see cause of death

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