vusi mukwevho on muvhango real name , age and bio

vusi mukwevho on muvhango is a talented and inspiring  young actor. vusi mukwevho on muvhango real name is Raphael Griffiths . Below are some of the things you dont know about him

He got his first TV career on SABC 2 youth show named Q-base 28 in 2009 and Music Moves Me.
He also worked on TransAfrica online radio station as a host for The Playground Show.
After the radio job, he then got his role on Muvhango as Vusi Mukwevho.
He wanted to study political science in high school.
He was the first black head boy in the Afrikaans school he attended.
His mother is half Zulu and half Zambian. His father is of color.
He had about 40 pairs of sneakers on which he gave away 2o of them to the needy.
He is planning on creating his own fashion brand.
He is also planning on getting himself a degree in TV production and media music composition.
He once dated Thuli Phongolo AKA Namhla Diale of Generations. Thuli dumped him when she met her new lover who was from a rich family.

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