Video: Is Beyonce Really A South African?

The name Beyonce does ring a bell in the ears of every hearer – the beautiful American pop singer whose lifestyle has inspired lots of African female singers today. But the following  story given by A KZN woman might shock you!

A woman in Durban who claimed to be Beyoncé’s biological mother called on the pop star to return back home to KZN. She said her real name is Busisiwe.

Speaking in a video coverage, the Durban woman said she gave birth to Busisiwe after which she gave her up for adoption to an American couple in 1984 in a Durban hotel where she worked.

Giving reasons for giving her daughter out, the woman said she was doing so for her (Busisiwe) safety as the country was at that time still under apartheid regime and political unrest.

Her “biological” mother is now urging Busisiwe to return home so that she can meet her siblings and know her home.

“I don’t want her money, all I want is for her to come home and know her real family”she said. “The ancestors are not happy with the name Beyonce is bearing, they want her to know her real name”

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