vela shembe vs mduduzi shembe news : vela shembe wins court battle

Vela shembe adjudged rightful successor of the Shembe Church in a five year old battle with mduduzi shembe over who should succeed  Vimbeni shembe, but who is vela shembe  ? vela shembe is the cousin of Vimbeni shembe who is the father of mduduzi shembe .

mduduzi shembe biography: mduduzi shembe is the eldest  son of the late leader of the shembe church – iNkosi Vimbeni Shembe  who died in 2011. After the death of his father he assumed control and went forward to be anointed leader of the shembe church

A brief history about the shembe church

Founder of the Shembe Church Isaiah Shembe’s son, Galilee, succeeded his father after he dead in 1935. However, when Galilee died, his son Londa and his uncle Amos ended up at the Pietermaritzburg High Court over who should be the leader of the shembe church. Londa eventually forced his uncle out of the church’s initial headquarters of Ekuphakameni in Inanda and set up the Ebuhleni headquarters in Ndwedwe.

Ebuhleni is now led by Amos’s grandson Mduduzi, but Vela (son of Galilee) previously testified that the late leader Vimbeni held no animosity despite the family feud involving their fathers and uncles.

“When I pass away you (Vela) will be the leader of the church, the ancestors have spoken to me,” Vimbeni said, according to Vela’s testimony.

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