‘Uzalo’ this week: GC has some hard facts about Jojo to swallow

Monday July 31

Pastor Mdletshe is excited to find an apologetic Nkunzi ready to be baptized, but Mxolisi and MaNzuza are not convinced that Nkunzi has changed. Mumsy is surprised when Mastermind shows up at church to take her on a date. Hleziphi arrives with her family to marry GC.

Tuesday August 1

The pressure is on as GC is asked a very important question at the ceremony. The battle lines are drawn between Mondli and Qhabanga. MaNzuza warns Mumsy against falling for the wrong people.

Wednesday August 2

Mxolisi makes a surprise appearance at Nkunzi’s baptism. GC and Jojo meet for the first time, since their break up and the wedding. Mastermind is on top of the world and won’t tell Smangele why. Pastor Mdletshe finally loses it with Mxolisi’s judgemental tone and calls him a hypocrite.

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