Unusual Things To Do In Egypt

or many, Egypt is a destination that offers spectacular beaches, unparalleled history and landmarks, and a vibrant culture. Layover Guide compiled our list of unusual highlights to a vacation in Egypt.

Hot Air Ballooning In The Valley of the Kings And Queens

Set to the skies over the Valley of the Kings to get a vantage point unlike any other! You get a bird’s eye view of some of the most incredible archaeological sites. The balloon rides also travel over Luxor (also known as Thebes).

Camping In The White Desert

The White Desert is certainly a unique sight in itself due to the fact that the sands are, in fact, white.  There’s plenty to do in the White Desert and organized trips include overnight camping trips, camel rides, safari trips, and more.

Float Down The Nile On A Felucca

Considered to be the traditional Egyptian sailboat, the felucca is the primary mode of transportation down the Nile River. A group can rent a felucca for an hour or two, or take guided tours, as the wind pushes the boat upriver. Felucca rides are available at tourist towns along the Nile including Luxor and Aswan.

Quad Biking In The Sinai Desert

Two hour quad biking tours through the Sinai Desert give you an experience unlike any other. Check out the sand dunes, the canyons and valleys while cruising through the landscape on a quadbike. Tours run from sunrise to sunset.

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