University of pretoria to shut down

Students protesters in the university of pretoria – up  have vowed to shut down the university and disrupt all studies until free education becomes a reality . Student protesters in university of Pretoria (UP) have also been joined together with the workers . The protester have this to say:

“The university had the intention of opening campus today. We are going to shut down everything. The students are resolute and they have now been joined by workers. We are giving the university the chance to voluntarily shut down now in line with the national call for free education,” said the #FeesMustFall activist.

“Currently we’re disrupting all kinds of that divide and rule tactics by the university. There are no classes taking places today and we’re going to ensure that there are no classes. We’re calling on Professor Cheryl De la Rey [vice-chancellor and principal of the University of Pretoria] to come and march with us,” said Mahlangu.

“We’re calling on all these vice-chancellors to stop the rhetoric of saying they support free education only verbally. They must close campuses and join us in the marches. We don’t want their spiritual support.”

#FeesMustFall has become one of the trending hashtag on social media ,students from all universities have united to support free education in south africa .

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