Trump “blocks” South africans from entering America and President Jacob Zuma is not happy

For many years america is  seen as the Land of opportunities and every south african once dreamt of visiting america. From hollywood movies and the likes of CNN we have been brainwashed to believe america is better than any country on earth , that how powerful media houses can have effect on us

The dream of visiting america with ease seams to have been squashed.


I must make it clear that you can still travel to america if you have a valid visa , what President donald trump blocked was the USA visa lottery.

We know a lot of south african rely on the usa visa lottery to enter america and stopping the lottery is equal to blocking the chance of  tens of thousands of south africans from making it to the usa .

This is trumps explaination:


So be sure there will be a solid investigation into your background especially your educational background before you gain a visa to USA.

I personally believe there are lots of opportunities in south africa to explore and one must not think he cant make it in life if he doesnt go to USA or europe

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