Thandi klaasen face, age and biography

Thandi klaasen was a jazz musician from  Sophiatown, Gauteng. She was the mother of singer Lorraine Klaasen. We will discuss about Thandi klaasen face, age and biography

Thandi klaasen cause of death

Thandi Klaasen died from pancreatic cancer on 15 January 2017, aged 86

Thandi klaasen age and date of birth

Thandi klaasen was born on 1931  and died on  15 January 2017 , she was 86 years when she died

Thandi klaasen face

Many have been wondering what was wrong with her face well When she was a teenager, she was attacked with acid and her face was permanently scarred. Below are  5 pictures of Thandi klaasen face

Thandi klaasen face pictures 1

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