susan muvhango real name and bio

There have been many speculations that susan muvhango is leaving muvhango , it has not yet been confirmed yet . susan on muvhango real name is Maumela Mahuwa . Below are somethings you dont know about Maumela Mahuwa

1. Besides Muvhango her favourite TV shows are Generations and 7de Laan and she watches every episode of Muvhango. Her favourite actress and greatest inspiration is the late Lindiwe Chibi, Muvhango’s first Doobsie.

2. She landed the role after being discovered by series creator Duma Ndlovu who literally handed her the role.

3. She said the role she plays has given her experience before she gets married and has learned that a woman should always stand by her husband. However, she does not picture herself being married to a chief .

4. She’s also a preacher, motivational speaker and Gospel singer. She preaches at various churches and events at the weekends.

5. She is one of only three actors who have appeared on the show since it’s inception in 1997.

6. She is a loner who loves reading

7. Her favurite actress and greatest inspiration is the late Lindiwe Chibi, Muvhango’s first Doobie.

8. Out of all of the cast she’s closest to Gabriel Temudzani , Chief Azwindini.  Maumela: “If I ever needed a brother he is that.”

9. Her current family consists of her mother and herself – she describes their relationship as: “Us against the world.” She had a brother who passed away.

10. Maumela owns a company called Omega Construction Company.

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