State capture report :all you need to know plus download report

State capture report :  we will discuss in details all you want to know about the state of capture report and all the live action going on.

What is ” state capture report”

The report shows how a family is controlling the nation south africa. Its a very horrific revelation an the extent of corruption within south africa. The report makes south africa one of the most corrupt countries in south africa or must i say makes President Jacob Zuma’s administration on of the most corrupt administration in south african history .

The term state capture was derived from the process of the The Guptas family trying to capture and control  south african without anyone realizing

Who are The Guptas family

Atul Gupta, a young man from Saharanpur in northern India, is sent by his father to find success across the ocean. He looks to South Africa and sees opportunity amid the political and economic turmoil of the country’s transition in the early 1990s. As his gamble pays off, his brothers join and he builds an empire in his adopted home.

Since 1993, the Guptas have established enterprises ranging from coal and uranium mining, the technology industry, and a national newspaper and 24-hour news channel, all under the holdings company Oakbay Investments. Rather than a bootstraps success story, the family’s close relationship with embattled president Jacob Zuma has made them the target of political lashings and satirical cartoons.

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state capture report summary

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State capture report – full report

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state capture report : download full report

State capture report :all you need to know plus download report

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