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Skeem Saam’s Neo: a lady with ambition

Neo is a young lady who hails from Mafikeng in the North West. South Africa fell in love with the rising star on the popular drama series, Skeem Saam, where she stars as a young athlete, Botshelo. While she may be fondly known for her role in the drama series, in real life, Neo is a Marketing Executive at Ndalo Media. The young lady chats to DESTINY about her life on the creative and corporate world.

Can you tell us about your role in Skeem Saam?
I play Botshelo, a seventeen year-old athlete. Botshelo was a finalist in the Face of Turf Competition (Turf is the township the drama is set on), and now she is Kat’s (Played by Patrick Chabedi Seleka) love interest.

How did you score the role?
It was an open call and I just went in for the auditions, and I got the part (Yeah).

How did acting become part of your life?
I have always had an interest in acting and presenting growing up. I used to do school plays at school, and that passion sort of grew from that. Skeem Saam was my first acting gig, and I learned a lot as an actor from the experience. By observing other actors I was able to grasp a few things, and now I hope I can continue to grow as an actress.

What was your reaction when your first saw yourself on TV?
It was quite surreal (Laughs). I looked at myself, and I started noticing little things about myself. Like the way I look and my voice and I would be like ‘Is that how I really look or sound like?’ (Laughs). Overal it was weird but great at the same time.

You are a Marketing Executive at Ndalo Media.  What inspired the move to the corporate sector?
I was seeking stability, and that’s how Ndalo Media came into the picture. Acting is sort of my hobby slash career. I believe that we live in the age where you can be; this, this and that. So, now I am at Ndalo and a part-time actress, and I hope I can juggle the two.

What did you study?
I studied B.Com Law at Unisa, which I will only complete next year.  Later I want to also study a Degree in Communications.

What interested you about Law?
I went for law because in high school I used to love public speaking and debating. When I was looking to study further I looked at what falls in line with those interests and law was that. As I was doing my Law Degree, I fell in love with the marketing side and so I majored in Marketing. Now I am a Marketing Executive at Ndalo Media.

What are your future plans?
I want to do both acting and marketing. I hope that at some point the two can merge. I have deep love for the corporate world because you get an opportunity to grow and learn at the same time. Also, it equips you with certain business skills, and when you want to open your business then you get to implement them. But, acting too plays a huge role in my life. So my future will definitely be centered around acting and corporate.

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