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‘SKEEM SAAM’S Emkay Not Fooled By Fake F*****

‘SKEEM SAAM’S EMKAY Not Fooled By Fake Fans

‘Skeem Saam’ actor Mlugisi Mathe says he sometimes questions the sanity of the many female fans enamoured by his womanising character of Emkay in the SABC1 show. According to the Sowetan, the 24-year-old actor has admitted that the adoration he receives from soapie-loving females can be overwhelming, and oftentimes also very strange.


“I get a lot of proposals, most of them are scary and weird. Some of the requests they make … I don’t even know what to say… What is this, can a person who is normal say something like this?” Mathe told the publication.

“They don’t know how to behave around me when they see me. They propose and make me offers, like ‘can you be my Ben 10’, ‘can I have you for just one night, one night only’. They are way too old.”

And the actor – who says he is the complete opposite of his skirt-chasing student character in the show – added that he doesn’t take all the attention too seriously, as he doesn’t think the constant adulation from females is all that genuine.

“I am a straightforward guy.

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