Sindi dlathu HIV status rumor finally debunked, is sindi dlathu HIV positive for real ?

Sindi dlathu is still the most loved south african celebrity actress ,sindi’s success can be attributed to her role as thandaza in muvhango.  One controversial topic that keeps on resurrecting about sindi dlathu is her HIV status.

For some reason many TV lovers in south africa claim sindi dlathu is HIV positive. The issue of her hiv status has really had a stroll on sindi dlathu.

There has been however no proof from anyone stating she is really HIV positive but we have some leaked information on how this HIV claims against sind dlathu came about

Sindi dlathu HIV status

South africa has been hit with a major AIDS crisis since the 90’s ,its one of the country with the highest people living with HIV/AIDS. Education on HIV/AIDS have spread wide across the regions yet people are getting infected daily.

One of the fastest ways people are getting infected is through needle sharing ( we have one of the youngest population in the world engaging in drugs) and also through rape.

Perhaps you are wondering why am  writing so much about Aids  instead of sindi dlathu , you will find out on the next page .

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