sfiso ncwane funeral broadcast . Click to watch live broadcast

Watch the live edition of sfiso ncwane funeral broadcast kind courtesy of enca . Many troop into to attend the funeral of the gospel icon today to pay their final respect.

There has been many controversy before his funeral one notable of them is a statement that sfiso ncwane mother will not attend the funeral . According to sources sfiso ncwane mother claimed his son did not take care of her when he was alive . sfiso ncwane mother however was present at the funeral

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sfiso ncwane bought his pastor a 1.9 million rand car yet could not take care of his family ,there has been tension between sfiso ncwane and his family which was seen when sfiso ncwane said he had nothing to do with them

Those who couldnt make it to the funeral ground ended up watching sfiso ncwane funeral broadcast on youtube and online.

Memorial service of sfiso ncwane : see the pictures was also released earlier

sfiso ncwane funeral broadcast

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