Scandal Teasers February 2018

Scandal Teasers February 2018

Thursday 1 February 2018
Episode 2967

A hot-blooded male resists temptation, but isn’t so strong when he is tempted again. Ingrid is finally convinced to step into the unknown. Lindiwe has an awe-inspiring experience.

Friday 2 February 2018
Episode 2968

There are no regrets about a liaison, but the participants are unaware that danger lies ahead for both of them. A guy with a dodgy past is on the road to becoming an inspirational hero. Phindile is disappointed by a request from a family member.
Monday 5 February 2018
Episode 2969

Yvonne decides to stick with what she knows, and Neo receives a horrifying order. Stokkies mistakenly believes that he has successfully manipulated a woman. Kgosi and Lindiwe are both determined to stick to the goals they have set for themselves.

Tuesday 6 February 2018
Episode 2970

Neo’s concern for a loved one turns to dangerous anger. Stokkies reveals a devious plan, and Ndumiso decides to invest in his future. Lindiwe decides that adulation is more important than obedience.

Wednesday 7 February 2018
Episode 2971

Neo gets rid of a threat, and a couple is unaware that they are being observed in a compromising situation. A policeman is turned by some very persuasive enthusiasm. Lindiwe takes a risk, but the result is worth it for her.

Thursday 8 February 2018
Episode 2972

Neo discovers a hurtful truth which makes him issue an order to someone close to him. Gontse’s dream hits a major stumbling block. Kgosi is rejected and Lindiwe makes a spectacle of herself.

Friday 9 February 2018
Episode 2973

Yvonne is careful not to allow intimacy to compromise her secrets, and Lerumo is confronted with a theory. Gontse believes she can only be saved by a possession. Lindiwe is brought down by the very same medium that raised her up.
Monday 12 February 2018
Episode 2974

A lovers’ quarrel has unpleasant consequences for one of them when it is not confined to the bedroom. A wife misunderstands her husband, leading her to do something which would horrify him. Lindiwe hopes that pity will lead to forgiveness.

Tuesday 13 February 2018
Episode 2975

A young man is determined to land a position which he would normally consider beneath him. Stokkies is on the up and up and doesn’t want to involve himself in a project which he considers small fry. A pair of new lovers make a decision about their future.

Wednesday 14 February 2018
Episode 2976

Quinton finds himself in the position of having to reward someone he does not like or trust. Ndumiso has big plans, but learns that the plans of someone he cares for have imploded. Sometime enemies and allies express their resentment of one another.

Thursday 15 February 2018
Episode 2977

Romeo is intrigued by a reaction, and Quinton is infuriated by some evidence. Eddie is upset by what he deems to be reckless behaviour. Grace denies an accusation, but is she protesting too much?

Friday 16 February 2018
Episode 2978

Romeo is given even more reason to hate someone, and embarks on a mission to wreak revenge. Gontse takes a gamble in order to rescue herself. Siseko is unimpressed by news about someone he once loved.
Monday 19 February 2018
Episode 2979

Romeo manipulates a master manipulator, and Grace is devastated when an arrest is made in the hotel. Stokkies is confronted by a whole bunch of seriously worried people. Yvonne’s last vestige of hope is dashed.

Tuesday 20 February 2018
Episode 2980

Romeo is stunned when someone turns on him unexpectedly, and Quinton is shocked by a surprise visit. A guy dresses in drag in order to avoid a sticky situation. Yvonne finds herself back where she started, in more ways than one.

Wednesday 21 February 2018
Episode 2981

Quinton tries to gain some control over a dire situation, and Romeo finds himself in the worst position of his life. Stokkies’s plan is thwarted by an angry mob. A son is disappointed in his father and issues him with a warning.

Thursday 22 February 2018
Episode 2982

Quinton is driven almost demented by that fact that he cannot tell the truth, and Romeo tells the truth but is not believed. Several people find themselves suddenly and unexpectedly homeless. A heartfelt apology falls on deaf ears.

Friday 23 February 2018
Episode 2983

A young man’s attempt at bribery fails, and he finds himself at the receiving end of a devastating taunt. Zinzile is put in in a worrying position when she is asked to do something she knows she cannot. A boss decides to stop being Mr Nice-Guy all the time.
Monday 26 February 2018
Episode 2984

A young man makes a bid for freedom, and a mother starts to become concerned about her son. A wife is caught out in a lie, but tries to deflect by making an accusation. A boss’s best intentions are misinterpreted.

Tuesday 27 February 2018
Episode 2985

Lerumo follows up on a cryptic lead, but misses an opportunity to save someone. Gontse receives advice which sees her revisiting her past. Wesley clarifies a situation, but someone still manages to get the wrong end of the stick.

Wednesday 28 February 2018
Episode 2986

Romeo starts going through a process which his mother has been encouraging him to, but under circumstances Grace couldn’t begin to imagine. Gontse manages to get what she needs, but has sad news for her family. Wesley is not in touch with how his staff feel about him.

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