SAD NEWS: Late rapper HHP aka Jabba’s wife lerato sengadi take over his properties chases hhp’s son out

We were all shocked by the untimely  death of rapper HHP popularly know as jabba but what is more shocking was the aftermath of his death.

In case you are not aware hhp had a wife called lerato sengadi who is believed to be his customary wife, he has a son with her. Lerato sengadi unfortunately was sidelined during hhp’s funeral  by hhp’s father and family. There was no mention of her as his wife and the family refused to recognized her as his wife

For months now even before hhp died lerato has not been living in the house but her son does , lerato perhaps out of anger from the way she was treated at the funeral stormed hhp’s house with police men , broke the does and changed the looked. Even hhp’s son cannot access the house

lerato sengadi interdict: court decides

The matter was sent to court and justice prevailed , the court ruled that lerato sengadi was indeed the wife of hhp before he died and were not divorced. The court has ordered hhp’s family to return all documents and hard disk ( probably containing hhp’s unreleased songs”) to his wife Lerato sengadi

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