Quinton Jones age and pictures

Quinton Jones is said to be the lucky man Minnie Dlamini is engaged to even though she has not revealed him . Quinton Jones age and pictures will be shown to you soon.

Minnie Dlamini is still shy about sharing details about Quinton Jones , we want to know if really Quinton Jones  is the guy who is about to marry Minnie Dlamini . All we know is  quinton jones and minnie have been dating recently

This what Minnie Dlamini  has say about his man

Speaking to Anele Mdoda on RealTalk in August, Minnie opened up about her man and said that he took great care of her.

“He sees a lot less domesticated Minnie because I’m very spoilt. He spoils me a lot, he cooks for me, he brings me breakfast in bed and does cute things for me.  From my perspective, it’s nice to be taken care of for the first time in a long time,” Minnie said.

Quinton Jones age

Quinton age has not been public , in fact much has been said of him on the internet  and other media outlets . Quinton jones age difference with minnie is probably 4 years since minnie dlamini age is 26 we expect quinton jones age to be 30 years or at least in the early 30’s


Quinton Jones pictures

see a picture of quiton jones and minnie dlamini below . Also see minnie dlamini engagement ring : click here to see it


who is minnie dlamini engaged to ? see the lucky guy

Minnie dlamini engagement : Minnie said yes to her new man

minnie dlamini engagement ring : click here to see it

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