OMG! sexy white mum vs sexy black mum google results causes chaos

The search term sexy white mum compared to another search term sexy black mum caused an uproar on twitter but is google to be blamed ? lets find out

sexy white  mom

The search for sexy white mom on google image brought results of white moms looking their best , well educated and beautiful just as the news and magazine portray white women to be .

sexy black mom

You will be shocked about the results you get for google sexy black mom , it brings up results for black mom looking like drug addicts it portrays black women as over weight or skinny as if they dont have enough to eat

The controversy was sparked by a south african model , no one knows what she was looking for

Google is not to be blamed for sexy white mom vs sexy black mom controversy

Maybe the south african model should have taken time to learn about SEO and how google works. Google is just a search engine , it indexes pages from websites all around the work

If people take good pictures of black moms and upload it to websites then google will bring up good results its just that many news and magazine sites dont take quality pictures of sexy black moms compared to sexy white mom.

Its not googles fault , the whole controversy is lame and lacks intelligence

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