21 year old ntando duma is pregnant – Did she rush?

When ntando duma and boyfriend Junior De Rocka announced they are having a baby we all thought it was one of Ntando duma’s funny pranks but  ntando duma is indeed pregnant. I know you will say she rushed yes am also saying it but its her life.

Ntando duma’s boyfrined is an upcoming artiste , we are yet to hear a hit track from him. But why Ntando why the rush , she is a 1995 year  born barely 21 years and there are lots of things she should be thinking of such as her career and marriage perhaps she and her boyfriend earns enough to support themselves and their yet to born baby girl

As usual she was excited to announce it ,

“Listen, I’m really excited you can even tell by the skin, the glow…we are really excited with the father of the baby of course. It’s a baby girl, she is gonna look like her mother of course, she is gonna SLAY SLAY SLAY SLAY!” Duma told the publication.

Question ?

Is giving birth before marriage right ? Because these celebrities are leading our young women astray telling them its OK to give birth before marriage , gone are the days people hide their pregnancy when they are not married but now they make it public and people ignorantly congratulate them .

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