News About Trevor Noah Shot Death Causes Fear and Outrage

Trevor Noah being shot dead while greeting fans after a concert is a celebrity death hoax. There is no truth to the story that “The Daily Show” host died while meeting fans. Rather, this story is eerily and disgustingly similar to the details of Christina Grimmie‘s death. to make people think he died.

Of course, Noah spotted this fake news and made mention of it to his Twitter followers. Noah jokingly responded to the death hoax by stating “Fake News. I shot them.”

Now, where did this celebrity death hoax originate? Houston News published the story reporting that Noah was shot while greeting fans after his concert. The headline read, “BREAKING: Comedian Trevor Noah shot dead while greeting fans after concert.” Houston News uses a URL designed to make readers think they are on the site belonging to The Houston Chronicle.

The story then dramatically begins, “It was a two-gunned stranger — possibly a deranged fan — who murdered the South African king of comedy Trevor Noah as he signed autographs after a night concert in Orlando.” Houston News’ article goes on to copy and paste details and quotes from the real-life murder of Grimmie last year, and pretends they are about Noah’s supposed death.

Houston News confuses manipulates readers by featuring a number of news stories that are legitimate, in addition to articles that are flat-out hoaxes such as the one about Noah’s untimely death.

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