Morocco Tourism

We are off on the road to Morocco…’ – Johnny Burke

The very mention of the name ‘Morocco’ is enough to fire the imagination about all things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small, all places exotic and exciting…Morocco has held a fascination for the traveller since the days when the olive-skinned hordes of Berber merchants decided to make this country on the northern African coast their home for all time to come.

Morocco is a beautiful and diverse country that has something for every traveller – amazing natural beauty, flora and fauna; a colourful history and present; exquisite craftsmanship in its mosques and madarsas; vibrant cities; intriguing folk festivals and traditions; and an ever-ready smile for visitors.

If you are offered mint tea by your host or even a shop keeper, accept and enjoy the drink. The offering of mint tea is a sign of hospitality – so do not rebuff it! By the way this mint tea is also known as ‘Moroccan whisky’ – we assure you there is no alcohol in it, just plain mint tea!

Keep loose change in your pocket – you will need it to tip – and there will be a lot of that, as you are expected to tip for any small service rendered!

Do you know? It was unlawful to sell a Date Palm tree in Morocco, because it was considered as an important source of family food.



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