Morocco Geographical Information

Nature has been generous to Morocco – it has an amazingly diverse and beautiful landscape. This includes four distinct mountain ranges – the Rif, the Middle Atlas, the High Atlas and the anti-Atlas. The High Atlas contains perennially snow-covered peaks that are also some of the highest in Africa. In the south of the country, there are some spectacular, vast gorges that gradually roll down into the Sahara Desert. In between these two main geographical features, there are life-giving fertile plains and plateaus. What more could you ask for?!

Morocco’s flora and fauna are equally magnificent – it is believed that Morocco has the greatest biodiversity in the Mediterranean. This includes many rare migratory birds bound southwards from Europe, the only forest of Argan trees in the region and colonies of panther and leopard. The main environmental concerns in Morocco have been the rapid extinction of rare species, the several dam and irrigation projects undertaken by the government, and loss of forest cover due to population pressures.


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