Mandla hlatshwayo dead : read what happened

Mandla hlatshwayo death is a reminder of the notorious crimes happening everyday in south africa. In fact when it comes to countries with the highest crime rate in africa south african lies second after south sudan  .
Generations actor Mandla hlatshwayo death was a shocker , this is how it happened:
Mandla hlatshwayo and his friend went to a pub on sunday (its always good to go to church on sundays) , armed robbers came in for what seems like a normal routine for them . They started firing perhaps after they didnt get enough to rob or perhaps they were to HIGH on weed .
Mandla hlatshwayo seemed to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and he got shot. Whats more shocking is the fact that the armed robbers took away his shoes ,we dont understand why perhaps for rituals so they wont be hunted not really ! perhaps the shoes looks costly and they can sell. This leads to the the fact that they couldnt get enough to rob and out of rage and disappointment they shot people in the pub.

R.I.P  Mandla hlatshwayo

Mandla hlatshwayo generations pictures

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