mahoney kolela biography : Mahoney date my family

lunga mahoney kolela biography – Mahoney date my family as he is mostly known or better known as Mahorny is a rather infamous south african young guy featured in the hit reality show date my family  also he is referred to as the activation coordinator
He was featured in one of the episodes of date my family and  these are some of the absurd things he said
1. “If you’re rich, you’re rich,” he said. – he claims he is filthy reach
2. He wants a rich woman , as reach as he is
3. He wants a girl with a car , not just any car but a latest model
4. He loves babies not ugly babies , now babies are from God and a blessing to the parents you have no right to call a child ugly
5. He is not interested in relationship,  but bruh why did you go on a dating show when you are not ready for one


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