Latest on sindi dlathu HIV scandal and why her husband divorced her

By now you have heard about sindi dlathu hiv scandal making waves on south african websites. The humor alleged that sindi dlathu popularly know as thandaza for her role in the popular south african soapie Muvhango is HIV positive. We know how HIV is a big thing in south africa and the stigma attached to people with HIV. We are increasingly been made aware that HIV is not the end of the world and even if Sindi dlathu is hiv positive she still have her life to live.

Sindi dlathu has personally not come out to debunk this rumor but from what i heard sindi dlathu‘s husband left her because of the HIV status. Interestingly,  not one of the rumors have been affirmed by either parties. Per our understanding sindi dlathu is married and has children with her husband, we can’t confirmed she is divorced.

Sindi dlathu is one kind of celebrity who love keeping her private life away from the media , we have seen celebrities like minnie dlamini who makes us aware of everything that goes on in her private life with her boyfriend who is now her husband. Sindi dlathu  has successfully  hidden her husband and her kids away from the public eyes.


We want you to know that per our investigation the rumor about sindi dlathu HIV status is nonsense and should be treated as trash. She has been fit and strong for years now and there is no sign of slowing down , also sindi dlathu would have let us know if she was indeed HIV psoitive to raise awareness especially among the youth


One of our sources confirmed sindi dlathu acted as an hiv positive character in a movie , unfortunately some people think whatever they watch online is real and began spreading the news of her hiv status.

Source : Latest on sindi dlathu HIV scandal and why her husband divorced her

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