Khensani Maseko Instagram profile – Khensani Maseko last instagram post proved she was planning to commit suicide

Khensani Maseko death : The death of Khensani Maseko has shocked not only her parents but the whole of south africa. Could Khensani Maseko Instagram last post have given us a clue of what was happening in her life? It is time south africa get serious of the rape culture pandemic. You meet a lot of youn south african males who feel entitled to women body, you have a discussion with them only to know their filthy thoughts on how they perceive women to be – a sexual object

Khensani Maseko biography

Full name : Khensani Maseko

Age : 23 years

Date of death : Monday 6th July 2018

Cause of death : Rape

University : Rhodes university , she was running the SRC amid many claims of her ineffectively

Khensani Maseko death happened on campus on Monday 6th August as rhodes university observed an academic shutdown, the incident happened after she was raped and did not get enough professional counselling. A friend of Khensani Maseko  revealed that she reported the incident to the school administration but nothing was done she clarified that she will return to deal with them.

She also reached out to for professional help from Keri Perumal from Nkoli-Fassie, an organisation dealing with various issues including sexual assault on campus but for a very short while

“Khensani reached out to me at the end of July regarding her sexual assault case. I took her through the necessary channels and her parents were contacted. When they arrived, they decided to take her home,” Perumal told News24.


648 Likes, 88 Comments – Khensani Maseko (@_khensani_) on Instagram: “?”

However her last post on instagram suggested that she was in suicidal state , the post simply implies that when you die everyone loves you which is true. When  one dies even her enemies will send tributes. Maybe is she got enough professional help she would be alive, its important to get enough time with a counselor after going through trauma

RIP Khensani Maseko . Rest well

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