Leaked kebby maphatsoe pictures and videos break the net

kebby maphatsoe pictures news :Deputy minister of defence south africa kebby maphatsoe single handedly broke the internet this morning when a leaked picture ( the leaked pic can be seen above and below the article) that allegedly shows him leaning over a chair reading a newspaper.
kebby maphatsoe pictures was taking by what seems to be a lady with her thigh showing. It appears the lady took the pic from a hotel. We still cant assure readers the leaked picture where actually those of the deputy minister of defence kebby maphatsoe .

Similarities between the man in the pic and kebby maphatsoe Pictures

The pic shows a man with his right arm amputated. In real life kebby maphatsoe has no right arm . He lost his arms during the cold bloody war in kenya during the apartheid.The resemblance between the man in the pic and the deputy minister of defence is astonishing .

Who leaked the pictures  kebby maphatsoe Pictures

It appears the lady in the picture took it , we are not sure who actually leaked the picture. Whoever that lady is will be of great help identifying the man in the pic. Perhaps someone saw it on her phone and leaked the it , it could also be the lady herself.

What about the kebby maphatsoe video

Many have been haunting for kebby maphatsoe video ever since the pictures leaked. We have not gotten our hands on any video yet and we are not even sure there is any leaked video of kebby maphatsoe.


kebby maphatsoe reaction

After kebby maphatsoe pictures got leaked he came out publicly to say that his family has been traumatized. According to him his daughter who is a university student and his wife are receiving counselling after the picture leaked

Conclusion on  kebby maphatsoe pictures

The leaked pictures has still not been confirmed to be true , it called be photoshopped to shame him . Dont take it to personal , dont forget to share this article

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