Kay sexwale profile , age and son

Kananelo Kay  Sexwale is a popular media personality and niece of the late south african politician and businessman Tokyo sexwale . This is what Kay sexwale had to say about herself

Kananelo Kay Sexwale a mother of two boys, is an accomplished media, marketing and communications strategist with 15 years experience. There`s nothing more irritating for me than to be described as ordinary or predictable. From my early childhood in Lesotho to my teens and young adulthood in Norway and Holland, and then my coming of age in South Africa where “youth” has a prolonged extension, I have always left a lasting impression on people after talking them to death, so radio is a natural extension of my loquaciousness. I write to de-stress, read Marian Keyes and Bridget Jones to laugh, and watch CSI, SpongeBob SquarePants and Isidingo to feed my vivid imagination. I am passionate about fashion, and strive for the economic and mental emancipation of all of SA’s people.

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