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“Generations” actress Nambitha lives up to diva reputation at Durban July

According to the Daily Sun, the actress, who plays “Mawande Memela” in Generations, left many people at the annual event stunned with her unreasonable demands, and the publication quotes a fellow attendee who said the actress was completely out of line.Nambitha annoyed people by saying she wanted her own dish with her own menu and wines, said the insider.

And Durban July officials have reportedly also confirmed the actress  higher-than-thou attitude.
We wanted her to interact with people, but she said she didnt want to interact with a crowd because they would be jumping on her and getting her clothes dirty, said one official.

But her fellow actor, Thato Molamu, who plays Nicholas, was very friendly with people, and was even laughing at the demands made by Nambitha.?

The actress was apparently also accompanied by a bodyguard, much to the chagrin of Durban July officials.
A bodyguard  at a social event. I mean, she’s not the President! Does she need protection from enemies? Maybe her fans are now her enemies!â? he said.

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