Flooding In Johannesburg 2016: Heavy rain disrupt city people get missing

 Flooding In Johannesburg 2016 : Massive flooding in Johannesburg after a heavy rain has brought the city to a stand still .

The city of johannesburg is still recovering from this shocking flood , families are calling each other to find out everyone is safe . There has been report of people missing but no death confirmed after the flood


Flooding In Johannesburg update :  people missing

About seven people is missing for after their vehicles were washed away during heavy rain and flooding that brought traffic to a standstill, JMPD spokesperson Wayne Minnaar said.

Flooding In Johannesburg update :  M1 and N3 road blocked

By 22:00 the M1 was still flooded at the Athol Road on- and off-ramps in Melrose.

Minnaar said the N3 Buccleuch interchange was flooded in both directions and the N3 was flooded in both directions at Linksfield Road , the rainfall was massive

Flooding In Johannesburg update : Johannesburg Zoo closed

Earlier it was  reported that a boundary wall at the Johannesburg Zoo had collapsed, spokesperson Jenny Moodley has confirmed that no one was hurt, including the animals.

“Thankfully there are no injuries, all our staff and the animals are accounted for. The animals are a bit stressed but they are okay.”

Moodley said the Zoo would remain closed on Thursday to ensure that the safety of the animals and the public was not compromised.


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