Cheating with maid

She knew very well her man liked women and also that the maid comes to clean the bedroom around 8 pm . The cctv camera was also connected to the internet so she can watch the bedroom at the hotel on her ipad .

She switched the ipad on which was connected to the cctv via the internet and as usual the maid came in to dress the the bed whilst the man was in the shower taking his evening bath .

The maid was in a nightie hot pink in color and short , the man got out of the shower and quickly moved behind the lady and started “touching her” , cutting the matter short they  committed @dultery .

The lady was shocked and quickly rushed home , she found the maid in her bedroom  pretending she is asleep and the man was watching TV pretending he was an angel sent from heaven .

The next morning she invited the maid to watch a movie with her and the husband on their wide plasma screen and she connected her ipad to the tv to play their secret video . There was fire everywhere as they were all ashamed cus the evidence was strong .


The maid later confessed to be the husband former girlfriend and they had regular “$$ex” whenever the woman was not around .

My advise to the lady is if you find out your beloved/boyfriend is unstable with women dont marry him thinking he will change when he becomes a married man , he will still continue in it cus people dont really change . Marry wisely . Share

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