YHO! We don’t know if we should call Cassper’s new song something that’s filled with bars or just a track filled with a whole lot of shade!

Know we know that AKA was first to pull out the can of worms but damn, Cassper went in hard.

Cassper has finally released his response to AKA’s Composure called #Dust2Dust and he just laid it all out there.

“This beef messed up my relationship with a lot n***s, it managed to do the same thing with Cashtime. I love my n***s but I see they chose your side… I guess it’s me against the whole game…”

He goes from being sad about the game to all of a sudden pulling skeletons out of the closet and calls AKA a druggie.

“Everytime you tweet something and delete I forgive you ’cause I know it’s not you it’s the cocaine.”

And well then he touches on why he feels he’s ahead of the whole game… “I’m filling up the Dome in a few, bro, you’re kidding me, you’re opening for Jason Derulo?”
“…Zinhle left you in public and I don’t blame you sis, they say it’s nearly impossible to raise two kids… First it was Khuli Chana, then it was Les, I wonder whose d*** you’re gonna suck next…. You’re about to get schooled by a dropout.”

The Zinhle was just a low blow man but then he explains why his ‘side chick’ Bonang Matheba won’t come out in public with him: “Bonang would never ever come out in public with a broke druggie, I’d be shocked if she does it…”

He goes in on the drugs once again: “Let’s tell the people what’s what, let’s tell them how the drugs got you f***d up. You say you broke up with your girl because of your album but you’re lying bro, she found out that Bonang got you star struck. Let’s tell them how JR wrote Congratulate…”

So you know Cassper was called out about his house right? Well he decided to call out Mr All Eyez On Me too: “You stayed in a townshouse that’s owned by Oskido and got kicked out….”

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