Bridget Masinga opens up about failed marriage

TV/radio personality Bridget Masinga is opening up about how walking out of her marriage was the bravest thing she has ever done.

In a new social media post, Masinga jots down a lengthy note about her decision to split from husband Thabiso Khati.

Masinga and Khati announced their split in April last year.

The couple wed in 2009.

“The bravest decision I ever made was walking out of a union that no longer fulfilled me. What I got in return was a renewed sense of self, an awakened confidence in my own strength and most importantly I remembered the woman I almost lost in my attempt to be a “good wife” and discovered the woman I am. Today I am unshaken in my confidence, I stand firm in my belief that I am deserving of living a life worthy of the heart God has given me. Today I am happier in my own skin. #LovesMistress  #IFeelLove #MustBeThatZuluLove.”

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