boity thulo engaged – see engagement details

boity thulo engaged – who is boity boyfriend who has luckily captured her heart and sealed it with an engagement ring. Boity thulo engagment rumors has sparked a trend on social media with many of her fans congratulating her .

Boity thulo then took to her social media page to let many people know what’s going on in her relationship life .

The whole boity engagement saga started when boity shared a picture of her new car , boity new car is a mercedes AMG – looks like most south african celebrities love mercedes AMG’s .

The picture showing boity new car with her standing in front of it wearing a ring is the main cause . She wanted to share a pic of her car but forgot south africans see beyong the ordinary , many people forgot about the car and look straight at what was on her fingers – which of course is an engagement ring .

Because of the ring she was wearing many assumed boity is engaged by boity came out to tell her fans and haters ” she is very single “.

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