bo talley age : She is not 55 years old see her real age

Shellie bo talley ( or misspelled bo tally)  came to limelight when a story was published about her looking younger than here age . Her real age has been a mystery and we are here to debunk that age mystery

Shellie Tarrell Talley is her full name and was arrested in 2007 for driving with no proof of insurance , her age in 2007 was 32 years old

In 2013 a story was published with the heading  ” Shellie Bo Talley, Alleged 55-Year-Old Woman With 20-Year-Old Look Is 38 Years Old” the  news of  the is beautiful young looking actress kept on circulating on many blogs and TV shows which made her famous over night.

Ever since many heard it they have been searching on google to find out bo talley age . Lets look at an evidence


Shellie Bo Talley real age in 2016

In 2016 Shellie Bo Talley real age will be 41 years old. Bo talley age doesnt matter , we know she looks good even at 41 years.
Shellie Bo Talley also claims she never went under the knive (went for plastic surgery) to get a new look , whatever you see is a result of good eating and exercising

Shellie Bo Talley photos /pictures




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