Could this be babe wodumo child

Many have been wondering if babe wodumo has a child and there has been rumors of babes wodumo having a baby with Mampintsha but we are here to debunk that mystery child saga

If babes wodumo has a child then she was preganant

Of course babies are not manufactured so if babe wodumo has a baby then she certainly pregnant.

In a recent interview babes wodumo clearly stated she is not pregnant but has only gain weight. She also stated this in a video

The video with a caption, “No I’m not pregnant” Babes is heard saying”…“Ok guys, they say that I am pregnant I mean like, how can I be pregnant. Durban July is just around… December is almost here. Who’s going to do Vosho…haibo. I’ll never be pregnant, never! It’s too early”.

She continued: “Stop playing, do you know pregnant people…If I were to break it down to you, you would say it’s just wealth following me, hence I’m this size…because I’ve been working.”

So you know she is not pregnant

If babes wodumo had a child how will the child look like

This is just a suggestion lol…isn’t she cute like babe wodmo

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