Jacob Zuma caught raping Nelson Mandela in Ayanda mabulu latest painting

Ayanda mabulu latest painting painting has sparked criticism on social media , AYANDA is an artist , a controversial one indeed, mostly known for his politically motivated painting  especially that of  President Jacob zuma and his government . In his recent painting he claims zuma has raped the country and has destroyed everything good in the nation .

The paintings shows late Nelson Mandela quietly  sitting on top of President Zacob zuma naked . The painting suggests zuma has raped and  is raping the country of everything late Nelson Mandela has ever worked for .

This is what Ayanda mabulu has to say  about his  latest painting


“A country cannot be governed by someone who cheats/steals and who’s is only ambition is to see himself in the shadow of the then oppressor.”

“The message in the painting is simple and clear: the country and everything we fought for before ’94 and post ’94, is constantly and continuously being raped by this rapist president of ours.”

Source : Ayanda mabulu latest painting painting

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