ananias mathe dead : Notorious SA criminal dies at hospital

Yes ananias mathe dead , the once notorious criminal who threaten the peace of south africa has breath his last breath .

ananias mathe biography : age and crime committed

Cause of death

This is what the correctional service department had to say about his death

[We] wish to inform and confirm the death of offender Ananias Mathe who died at the King Edward Hospital in Durban,” a statement by the department said.

“Mathe died yesterday [Tuesday] on the 27th of December, 2016, at 16:30 due to natural causes.”

According to the correctional service department he died naturally , ananias mathe  has been know to break out of prison at will .

Mozambican-born Mathe was convicted of rape, murder and house robbery, and was known for several escape attempts from maximum security prisons across the country.

In 2006, Mathe allegedly escaped from Pretoria C-Max Prison by using petroleum jelly to squeeze through prison bars.

According to the department, Mathe had been ill for about a month.

ananias mathe biography : age and crime committed


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