Africa’s deadliest and fastest snakes holiday in Durban

A snake expert has warned that there’ been a lot of Mamba activity recently in Durban North – activity which will probably extend to February.

“Between December and February, the increase in mamba sightings accelerates. There is no scientific reason why, but I think because they have such fast metabolisms and with the increasing temperatures, they require food more regularly,”  Snake catcher Jason Arnold told the Northglen News.

Arnold said he had recently caught a 2.6 metre female black mamba in a Phoenix home.

His advice for dealing with black mambas is as follows: “The best thing to do is monitor the snake and call in a professional. Don’t try to approach them or chase them away. They are highly aggressive when threatened can inject a large volume of venom with one strike.”

Herald snakes, bush snakes and brown house snakes have also been on the rise – but fortunately they are harmless.


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