African University degree: A waste of time? (56 students share their thoughts)

Every year thousands of African students are admitted to university to pursue degree courses.

University education remains a prestigious achievement in the academic life of a student.

But does a university degree guarantee a better job or life?

However two of Nathan’s former high schoolmates who opted to study in America have since returned and secured jobs with reputable firms.Nathan Mathenge, 28, graduated with a degree in Engineering from the University of Nairobi about four years ago. But today he remains unemployed.

Does that mean a Western degree is superior to an African degree?

Are African universities teaching the courses that meet the continent’s needs? What is your personal experience, how relevant is your qualification

A University degree does help a person to discipline himself. But it is not the sole factor for him to accomplish a professional future. To accomplish a bright career, the person must have both discipline and practical knowledge. It is up to an individual to build up the practicality of his job.
Kris Vamadevan, US

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