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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Skeem Saam Actress Lerato Marabe

Lerato Marabe is well known for her role as Pretty in the SABC1 soapie Skeem Saam. She is cute, talented and a lot of her fans can’t stop gushing about her husky voice. Here are ten things you should know about Lerato Marabe….

1.Lerato, born in Vosloorus, attends Boksburg High.

2. She lives with her mom and brother. She says her mom was very strict but has sweetened up a bit now. She describes herself as “talkative, hyperactive and playful”.
3. When Lerato was young she wanted to be a princess, then a teacher because her mom was a teacher, now she is confident she wants to be an actress.

4. In her leisure time she likes to sing and dance with friends. She is a keen netball player and sometimes plays hockey.

5. Lerato listens to Yfm because “they are hip and happening, they play songs that the youth like. I like Hip Hop and R&B.”

6. Her favourite movie star is Tom Cruise and she enjoys Medical Detectives, “they specialize in forensics and that’s what I want to study.”

7. Lerato is afraid of the dark. She doesn’t like her small hips and can’t wait for them to become big and round.

8. Her keen sense of humour is evident when she says “I laugh a lot at silly jokes but mostly if I trip and nobody sees then I laugh at myself.”

9. Her message to the youth is “fight for what you want and study hard because education is your success.”

10. She has 9k followers on Instagram and 30k likes on Facebook.

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