TB‚ stroke and diabetes: SA biggest killers

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The three leading causes of deaths last year were tuberculosis‚ strokes and diabetes‚ according to the Mortality and Causes of Death report released by Statistics SA in Pretoria on Wednesday.

A total of 453‚360 people died last year.

Communicable diseases accounted for 36% of deaths and non-natural deaths like injuries accounted for 10‚5% of the deaths.

Gender differentials show that top five causes of deaths amongst females were four non-communicable diseases and one communicable disease. Amongst males‚ the top five causes of deaths consisted of three non-communicable diseases and two communicable diseases.

Seven provinces (except Mpumalanga and Limpopo)‚ had over 50% of deaths due to non-communicable diseases. Western Cape had the highest proportion (64‚4%) of deaths due to non-communicable diseases.





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