Joe mafela age , wife and biography

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Joe mafela age , wife and biography  – As the legendary actor Joe mafela accident took his dear life many are wondering who really is this man .

Fists of all Joe mafela is a legendary actor , one of the best actors to come out of south africa .  Joe “Sdumo” Mafela (born 1942, Sibasa, Transvaal, South Africa, died 18 March 2017) was a South African actor, writer, producer, director, singer and businessman.

When did  Mafela  die

Joe Mafela died in a car accident on 18 march 2017  on M1 north of johannersburg,where two cars were involved,he died immediately.

Mafela wife and children

He left behind a wife and fourchildren , may his soul rest in peace


This is the movies he has acted so far

Zulu (1964)
Tokoloshe (1971)
Shout at the Devil (1976)
Escape from Angola (1976)
A Game for Vultures (1979)
‘Sgudi ‘Snaysi (1986) (TV)
Red Scorpion (1989)
Khululeka (1993) (TV)
Madam and Eve (2000) (TV)
Fela’s TV (2004) (TV)
“Going Up” (1998) (TV)




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