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Dj zinhle is one of the biggest female dj’s in south africa and even of the biggest dj in the male dominated industry. We will discuss about bonang relationship , age , songs, instagram , house , hairstyle and and of course AKA breakup

Dj zinhle age and date of birth

Dj zinhle was born on December 30, 1983 (age 32), Dannhauser, South Africa. She has two Siblings Zak Jiyane and Gugu Jiyane

Dj zinhle twitter

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Dj zinhle and AKA news

Dj zinhle and aka are no more together. It’s still not clear why the two broke but all we can gather is dj zinhle and aka are no more dating and are even not friends. AKA is now dating bonang matheba

Dj zinhle latest album

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Dj zinhle watches

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Dj zinhle instagram

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Dj zinhle houses , hairstyles and pics

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Pics of dj zinhle boyfriend ,hairstyle and house

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