Disgusting : SA Taxi drivers raping women in taxis , one woman tells her story

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The latest trend with taxi drivers raping women who board their van is really disgusting , the news was quiet shocking . A victim who was raped recently in a quantum taxi has come out to tell us what happened.

“I stopped a taxi and there were two men and the driver. Along the way‚ the driver took the route to Southgate and I told him I was going to Booysens. The taxi stopped for a while and then they pulled out guns‚” she told the newspaper.

They then drove for about one and a half hours.

“They asked for my pin code and bank card‚ which I handed to them. The taxi stopped but I did not know where we were. When the door opened again‚ I was beaten and kicked. I thought it was because I had no money. We then drove off. We arrived in a bush in Dube [Soweto] where I was raped by one of them and then dumped‚” she said.

She managed to contact police‚ with the help of local residents.

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